Get the Yard of your Dreams!

Landscape Maintenance

Grass Cutting

Mowers are regularly serviced to ensure the best cut for your lawn. Our mower blades are sharpened before cutting each day, and our mower decks are disinfected to prevent the spread of fungus from one lawn to another.

Bed Edging & Mulching

Shrub bed clean up and weeding is done before the mulch application. We spray weeds to ensure an entire kill (rather than pulling and snapping the roots where the weeds will regrow in a few days). The products we use are extremely safe and do not remain in the soil. Next is the bed edging (mechanical or by hand). We then apply a granular pre‐emergent weed control to give better, longer lasting control of the weeds in the shrub beds. Finally is the application of the mulch.

We can also install decorative landscape stone in place of mulch.

Shrub Trimming

All shrubs can be trimmed as needed to maintain a clean appearance. This can be done during the spring, summer, or fall.  If only one trimming is desired, we recommend trimming flowering shrubs after blooms have dropped and the other none flowering shrubs sometime in July or early August.

We specialize in Directional Hand pruning to give your plants a natural growth pattern and train the plant to grow in a desired way.

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Cleaning up all shrub beds and lawn areas on property, in addition, we clean up tree branches and twigs with this service. GOT Acorns? We have a tool to help remove them from your lawn, this reduces the acidity in your soil.

Fertilization Program

Immediately increase your curb appeal with our specially developed fertilization program. We cater to each property on an individual basis. We NEVER skimp on product, therefore we only use the best fertilizers and weed controls. Our applications are two fauceted in that the fertilizer is granular and the weed control is liquid. At Gallucci Landscaping we apply an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system to be environmentally friendly in our pest management.

Core Aeration and Thatching Services

Increase air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone. Intensifies decomposition of thatch. Help reduce soil compaction. Stimulate new root growth and improve soil drainage. Provide a better environment for over seeding and increase the effectiveness of fertilization and other lawn care products.

Snow Plowing

We can plow and salt to each property owners' individual needs.