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New Lawn Installation and Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the process of combining seed, mulch, fertilizer, and healthy soil amendments with water to mix in a tank to form a thick slurry. This slurry is applied with pressure to the ground surface for seed germination and turf development.

Hydroseeding is a very cost effective way to establish a desired turf. In comparing hydroseeding to a sod application it is known that a hydroseeded lawn is healthier, greener and more long lasting than sod because the hydroseeding application allows for deeper root development and it avoids the shock of being transplanted to foreign soils. When comparing hydroseeding to conventional lawn seeding (seed & mushroom compost, or seed & straw) hydroseeding provides a lawn that has significantly less weeds. Hydroseeding results in faster lawn establishment than conventional lawn seeding.

Custom Hydroseeding Slurry

At Gallucci Landscaping we create a slurry with special amendments to jump start the seed growth and control unwanted weeds and crabgrass. There are many types of mixtures that can be applied to establish a lush turf for your home. Custom seed blending, fiber mulch, coated slow release fertilizer, soil amendments, growth starters and weed preventers are what go into a typical hydroseeding slurry. The fiber mulch in a hydroseeding mixture holds a significant amount of water around the seed, which means that a hydroseeded lawn requires less maintenance and attention in terms of irrigation. In addition, copolymers (which hold up to 400 times their weight in water) can be added to the mixture to absorb moisture after watering. Tackifiers in the fiber mulch and additional amounts added to the slurry act as a binding agent that forms a solid mat when the mixture dries. This holds everything in place and prevents the seed from being washed out. As the fiber mulch decomposes it adds additional nutrients to the soil.  The coated slow release fertilizer allows for nutrients to be readily available for the newly growing turf. The fertilizer typically lasts 5 weeks after seeding and provides ample nourishment of the turf plant to allow for strong root development.  Without having to compete against vigorously growing weeds the newly planted turf will be able to fill in thicker and faster than conventional seeding.

Gallucci Landscaping was one of the first hydroseeding contractors in the area. With many years of hydroseeding experience there has not been a situation we have not seen. We continue to improve and perfect our already superior quality slurry to better serve our customers and ensure every one of our customers has a beautiful, lush, weed-free lawn.