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This project was for homeowners who had originally wanted a concrete patio but decided against it due to the great potential of concrete cracking.

We presented the paver patio option and were instantly awarded the job.

The owners wanted a very simple but functional design (a rectangle patio to span the length of the house and seat walls along the rear hillside). This project had some tough obstacles to overcome, mainly the grade of the property and the height of the patio door. We had to raise the lower end of the patio over 18" to achieve our desired height.

We built a retaining wall on the lower side of the patio to help in reaching our desired height.

The staircase was built with a 2' landing at the top.

There were a variety of products used on this job. The desired color from the homeowners was one that would be similar to the color of a concrete patio. We used Versa-Lok for the retaining wall, Unilock for the seat walls/pillars/stairs and Techo-Bloc for the pavers.

Overcoming a struggle with uncooperative weather this project was still completed in five long days. The lawn repair and clean up was completed on the morning of the sixth day.